Monday, March 7, 2011

BUFFALO: Lady Gaga Calls On State Senator To Change His Marriage Equality Position

Lady Gaga took a moment during Friday's concert in Buffalo to call on her fans to deluge New York state Sen. Mark Grisanti with demands that he endorse marriage equality. In 2008 Grisanti declared that he was "unalterably opposed" to gay marriage and he voted against the Senate's bill along with every other Republican. But Gaga says he's now "on the fence."

"There's a senator here in Buffalo that's on the fence about whether or not to vote for this particular bill and I would like to give you all his e-mail," Lady Gaga told the crowd in HSBC Arena. "His name is Sen. Mark Grisanti." She urged her fans to e-mail Grisanti and suggested "2,000 e-mails in his BlackBerry this evening or tomorrow" might help sway his position on marriage equality. Later, she posted this message on her Facebook page: "Buffalo, we need SEN.GRISANTI to help pass NY STATE MARRIAGE BILL e-mail #IWasBornThisWay."
Gristanti's spokesman responded to Gaga's move by announcing an upcoming meeting with a local marriage equality group. That's encouraging.


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