Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Every Man Wants Every Woman To Know

Somehow over time we women tend to give our intimate relationships less nurturing as a couple as we gave ourselves as a single. We indulged our single selves and nursed our dating needs. We sought out our significant other like it was a search and rescue mission. Time passed and we came to invest more into our rescued canine that resulted from that union. We cannot wait to get home to our comfy slippers, our fuzzy four legged companion, that Chinese takeout or the nightly cocktail. What about our partner? Do we relish seeing him as much as that sesame chicken and broccoli?
How is it that our girlfriend has that ideal relationship? Perhaps she knows how to meet her partner’s needs. I will let you in on a little secret, you can too. There is no limit to what a man will do for you if you understand his needs. It is that simple.

* MEN NEED APPRECIATION: Remember why you fell in love with your partner. Make a list of his top ten character traits that caused you to want to be with him in the first place. Make a conscious effort to appreciate and compliment him. Even simple domestic tasks, like picking up takeout and taking out the garbage can be appreciated.

* MEN NEED RESPECT: The two worst enemies of respect are criticism and judgment. This includes making him wrong or scolding him like a child. Above all else never berate him in public or you will lose him for good. It is imperative that a woman create a safe nonjudgmental space for her significant other or a man will shut down emotionally and sexually.

* MEN HATE COMPLAINTS: The words “you” and “why” will send your guy into defense mode. Men are competitive by nature so he may fight with you when he feels challenged. Turn complaints into requests. Try starting with “I love it when you……” or “It makes me so happy when you……” This alone will cause him to sit up and take notice.

* MEN FEEL EMOTIONALLY DISADVANTAGED: Research suggests emotions are overwhelming for men. They tend to operate off the logical side of the brain. So when faced with an emotionally charged woman a man will respond in anger 80% of the time. This coping mechanism is what he uses to attempt to gain control. A man cannot help but to be attracted to a woman who exercises emotional self control.

* A MAN’S ATTENTION SPAN IS 2-3 MINUTES: Condense the story. Know yourself and how many words you need to speak, divide by four. That is about how many words he can physiologically handle, more than that and your message will be camouflaged. You may also set him up to fail and set yourself up for disappointment when he fails to recall your running commentary. Practice listening more, talking less. If he needs the juicy details, he will ask. Also, monopolizing all his time and energy could associate you with unpleasant feelings.


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