Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Hot Guy Hall of Fame

Darren Criss: Originally Harry from A Very Potter Musical. Now a series regular on the television show Glee. Decent voice, nice curls, and a showman's attitude. Hot.

Mr. Darcy. If I need to explain why this man is attractive, you live in a cave. I prefer Matthew McFayden's looks over Collin Firth's, but who the actor playing the character of Darcy is beside the point. The ugliest man in the world could play him, and he'd be hot. That's just how hot the character of Mr. Darcy is!

Jason Wade. Lead singer of Lifehouse. Searching blue eyes, melancholy pout, and a silky-turned-snarly voice to boot. Definitely hot.

Evan Lysacek. Olympic Gold-Medal figure Skater. You gotta be pretty hot to look straight while doing triple axles on ice while wearing dance pants.

Cilian Murphy. Recently played in Batman Begins, Inception, and Tron. I put him under the category of "creepy hot." He's got this spooky smolder that leaves you wondering whether or not he's going to drink your blood with his breakfast or fold you into his long arms in a lasting embrace... Okay I'm monologuing.

Jason Rathbone: Most famous for his role as Jasper in the Twilight Series. He makes a hot vampire, indeed.

Robert Downey Junior. Noted for playing Iron Man, but I liked him a lot in his recent role as Sherlock Holmes. He's rockin' the wise-guy studly look. Hot.

Drake. Definitely the tough-guy hot. A face you simply cannot say no to.

Enrique. Double Hot. No explanation or justification needed.

Bobby Darin. Watch him sing. He's hot.

Brandon Flowers. Lead Singer of the Killers. Wears feathers. Sings from his heart. Hot.

My man Bruno Mars. Plays piano, sings like an angel, and to top it all, he is capable of actually feeling what he sings. Hot.

I don't care what anyone says. Justin Bieber has nothin' on the hotness of Elvis Presley.

Mr. Jay Sean. Yes, hot.

John Francis Daley. He plays Dr. Sweets on the TV Show Bones. Sweets is a psychologist. Hot.

Joseph Gordon Leavitt. Hot enough to have three names.

Liam Neeson. Hottest old man I've seen.

Lil' Wayne. Yes, Lil' Wayne. Hot, in a dangerous sort of way.

Yeah, I know. Another Taylor Lautner picture. Don't we have enough of those? The answer is no. This man is hot. I don't care how bad the Twilight movies are. You can put it on mute and fast forward all the Bella/Edward Scenes. I just want this all night long:

Jason Dohring. You may remember the show Veronica Mars and his character as the obnoxious yet charming Logan Echols. Yes, he's hot.

Michael Buble. Not the hottest in pictures, but pretty hot when you put him in front of a microphone and just listen for a few minutes.

Eddie McClintock. Also a Bones character, Sully. Hottest guy with a cleft chin I have seen.

Mr. Rob Thomas. You could call him the Apollo of the Music Industry. Hot.

Sean Farris from Forever Strong. You get a lot of hotness in that movie.

Timbaland. He looks cuddly. That's hot.

Jonathan Groff, who played Jesse St. James in the first season of Glee. He had a nasty character, but he managed to look hot while playing him.

James McAvoy. Hottest little fawn ever. I seriously can't get enough of him.

Shia Labeouf. Forever Young. Forever Hot.


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